Struggling with breakfast? Not hungry or no time?

How you start your day sets up your metabolism for the rest of the day. Breakfast, or lack of, has a direct impact on your energy levels and cravings mid afternoon and even into the evening!

Do you struggle with breakfast? Are you not hungry, or don’t have time to cook?

Solution: AdvoCare Meal Replacement Shake. This comes in chocolate, chocolate mocha, vanilla, and berry. It is 24 grams of protein and 24 grams of carbs. This is a fat burning start to your day! You’ll be amazed at how full you feel.

Stop by the gym for 1 free sample, or pick up a box today!

AdvoCare Mixer – How 2013 can be different!

Want 2013 to be different for you physically? Financially?

Do you want Christmas 2013 to arrive and you’re looking/feeling your best? And you’re in a better position financially?

Come hear how AdvoCare can impact you in both areas!

Thursday, December 13 – 6:30pm. Fit for Life Conference Room.

Celebrate with us on Friday, 11/16/12 5-8pm!

Open HouseCome celebrate our new expansion! We’re having an open house to show off our new facility!

Fit for Life has expanded to accomodate more room for group fitness classes and personal training. Come check out our open house on Friday, November 16 from 5-8pm! Take a tour, meet our awesome staff, and enjoy refreshments. Those who attend will be entered into a drawing for a FREE 3 month membership!

What is the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge?

The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge consists of 2 phases:
Phase 1 (Days 1-10) are about cleansing your body of toxins and preparing for optimal nutrient absorption. You may enjoy weight loss as well.
Phase 2 (Days 11-24) give your body the best tools to achieve your next weight management goal. You will receive benefits of decreased fat and inches and a noticeable increase in energy. Look better, feel better, perform better!

Looking to jump start weight loss, tone, or get on track with healthy eating habits? Looking to break through a plateau? Then take the 24 Day Challenge!!

I lack energy, especially mid afternoon. What do you suggest?

When you’re low on energy, every facet of your life suffers to some degree (i.e. poor weight management, increased mental and physical stress, lack of exercise, etc). We often look to soda and coffee drinks as a quick source of energy. Although they provide the quick bolt of energy we need, it usually lasts no more than 30 minutes. What’s the solution?

SPARK! Spark is an AdvoCare product available at Fit for Life and is just what you need to get long-lasting energy. Spark enhances mental focus, provides 21 vitamins, minerals and nutrients, is sugar-free, contains only 45 calories and comes in a variety of flavors. Stop in to get “sparked” – the results will amaze you!

You can also order Spark online at:

Computer Work-out: Stay Fresh and Alert at Your Desk Job

I am often asked… “When I get up from my desk, sometimes I am so stiff. What are some good exercises to do while sitting?”

Here are some simple things you can do at your desk to improve your posture and decrease stiffness.

  • Sit properly in a good chair designed for desk work or invest in a stability ball to use for a chair at your desk (increases ab strength). Your back should be straight, shoulders back and the top of your computer monitor level with your eyes.
  • Stand up every half hour to stretch and/or walk around.
  • Learn to stretch, especially your calves (for circulation) and your upper body.
  • Roll your wrists regularly to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Contract your abs or glut muscles, hold them for a few seconds (keep breathing), then release.
  • Have a water bottle at your desk and drink 64 oz. per day.
  • Take advantage of your down time at the computer and do push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks or stretching exercises.

We can help you design a “computer work-out”. Call Sheila to set up an appointment: 507-333-5430

Exercise and the Flu Season

With the outbreak of swine flu I am curious what measures are taken to clean your facility and handle the spread of bacteria?

What suggestions do you have for safety measures?

Fit for Life takes pride in our facility. Cleanliness and presentation of the club are of uppermost importance and it is the job of all employees of Fit for Life to do their part in making sure the club is clean and safe for all our members.

We have disinfectant spray bottles available throughout the club and members are instructed to spray down their machines/tools after use. Those at higher risk of getting sick should spray machines/tools down before use as well. Antibacterial gel is made available for members to use to help cut back on the spread of bacteria. Washing hands before and after exercising also helps decrease the spread of bacteria. It is important that everyone do their part to help prevent the spread of the seasonal flu’s that plague us.

Why Should I Have My Body Fat Measured?

Body fat is important for determining fitness. The human body is composed of a variety of different types of tissues including lean tissue (muscles, bones and organs) that are metabolically active and fat (adipose) tissue that is not.  Body weight does not distinguish between pounds that come from fat and pounds that come from lean tissue (muscle) and therefore is not a clear indicator of health.

What is the best method for testing?

Having your body fat tested allows you to determine how much of your composition is made up of fat and this is a better indicator of your overall health. There are several methods to choose from and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The best bet is to pick one method and stick with it, use the same technician for each test performed, watch trends rather than specific numbers and your results will be accurate for you. At Fit for Life we choose skinfold caliper testing because it works for all populations of people.

Our Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers have over 30 years of combined experience in body fat testing, we are confident in our analyses and we can design a program specifically for you!

Can Anyone Join Fit for Life?

Are There Any Age Limitations?

Men and women, boys and girls of any age, race, size and shape are welcome at Fit for Life.

We cater to ALL! Access cards are given to anyone 16 years of age and older and those younger must be accompanied by an adult. We promote health to every age group including children.

What better environment for your kids to learn about being active than a fitness center! For the convenience of busy moms and dads, we also have a child care area for those 10 and under which is staffed several hours each week … no more excuses for not being able to get to the gym!! We would love to give you a tour of our facility and describe what we have to offer. We guarantee you’ll walk away with a new perspective on exercise!

Exercising to Reduce Stress

It’s been suggested to me that exercising will help my stress level – very high stress job.

Do you agree and what methods of exercise would work best?

Absolutely! One of the most significant benefits of exercise is an outlet for frustrations and therefore, a reduction in stress levels. This happens for many reasons.

  • Exercise gives your mood a natural boost because it decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins.
  • Exercise takes your mind off your problems, redirecting it to a different task.
  • Exercise makes you feel better about yourself, giving you confidence to handle stressful situations.
  • Exercise improves your overall health both in the short-term (increasing your immunity to fight off colds and flu) and in the long-term (increased longevity and “feeling younger”).
  • And, most importantly, exercise lowers physiological reactivity toward stress.

Simply put, exercise not only helps you deal with your current stress, it supplies immunity toward future stress. Now that’s a great reason to exercise! I recommend a combination of both cardiovascular exercise (exercise that increases your heart rate) and weight training exercise (exercise that tones and defines your muscles) as a means of reducing stress.