What Does Physically Fit Mean?

To be physically fit means to be in a state of health and well-being. Physical fitness is defined as the body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist disease and to react to emergency situations.

How Does one Tell If They Are Physically Fit?

You can determine how physically fit you are by having a fitness assessment. We offer fitness assessments at Fit for Life. Our assessment includes a full medical history, blood pressure/heart rate test, body composition analysis including body fat percentage and circumferential measurements, flexibility assessment and a graded exercise test (GXT). The GXT is performed on a treadmill and determines your estimated volume of oxygen consumption. From this test we can determine how “fit” you are in comparison with others in your age group and determine your target heart rate zone/MET level. These numbers are vital in setting up an appropriate exercise prescription and therefore, fitness assessments are highly recommended before you begin an exercise program.

Come join us at Fit for Life and we will help you get “physically fit“.

Sheila Rolling, Personal Fitness Trainer and Owner of Fit for Life – Fitness Club in Faribault, MN.

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