Eating Healthy IS Affordable. No More Excuses!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Have you ever heard someone say, “but, eating healthy foods is expensive”! We’ve heard it a thousand times and we’re here to tell you, “that’s simply an excuse and it’s not true”.

Did you know that 1 family size bag of chips costs between $3.98 and $5.98 per bag? You could purchase 3 pounds of red seedless grapes or 1 bundle of asparagus for that price. An important question to ask yourself is, “could I replace 1-2 bags of chips this week in order to purchase fresh fruits or veggies”?

Did you know that one 12 pack of soda costs around $5.50? You could purchase 5 pounds of apples for that price or 3 pounds of fresh carrots AND 2 pounds of fresh broccoli. Could you replace one 12 pack of soda for fresh fruits or veggies?

Did you know that a package of cookies costs around $3.50? You could purchase 2 pounds of brown rice or a 32 oz. tub of Greek yogurt for that same price.