Get Started Program

4 Sessions for $140.00

Fit for Life has created a Get Started Program that is the ultimate way to have an exercise program designed specifically for you.

The “Get Started” Program is an instructional based program that includes 4 sessions with a professional fitness coach. Our goal is to teach you how to safely and independently exercise to get the most benefit from your work-out by learning to recruit the right muscle groups at the right time.

The First Session

The 1st session includes a complete medical history, body fat analysis, circumference measurements, a flexibility assessment (stretches provided) and a cardiovascular assessment performed on a treadmill to determine your current fitness level. You will set realistic goals and evaluate commitment.

The Second Session

In the 2nd session, a professional trainer will design a complete cardiovascular program for you including a specific target heart rate zone and MET level based on the results of the initial assessment. A strength training program will follow including instruction on proper technique, weights, reps and sets.

The Third Session

You work independently on your program for approximately two weeks at which time you meet with your trainer for the 3rd session to review your program and add new exercises to your routine.

The Fourth Session

You work on your own for 2 more weeks then meet with your trainer for the 4th session to review, add new exercises to your routine, evaluate goals and reassess.

Everything is outlined for you. It’s easy, it’s effective and it’s designed specifically for you!!