Post Partum Exercise Program

  • New Mom?
  • No Energy?
  • No Time For Yourself?
  • Feeling Overwhelmed?
  • Longing To Look And Feel Better?
  • Dealing With Post Partum Depression?

If one or more of the above describes you, please read on…

Having a baby means a lot of things: losing sleep, learning how to hold a little one correctly and dealing with the weight you gained during your pregnancy. As you try to get used to your new routine, exercise may seem like the last thing you feel like doing. But, getting active as soon as possible is more important than ever because it helps increase metabolism, sheds extra weight, provides much needed energy and helps reduce stress and tension.

Studies show that most women gain an average of 30 pounds during pregnancy, although many end up gaining more than that. On average, 18-20 pounds are usually lost within a month of having a baby, but it’s those “extra” pounds that can be tough to get rid of.

Your body may be different after having a baby, but with a little patience and consistent exercise, you can get back in shape and improve your self-esteem!

At Fit for Life, we want to help you get back in shape. Pre and Post Partum Exercise are crucial for you and your new bundle of joy. Not only will you look at yourself differently, you’ll feel healthier and more energetic. Getting back into an exercise routine should be a gradual process. You can continue your exercise routine during pregnancy if you’ve already been exercising and postpartum exercise can begin within 6-8 weeks after giving birth with a doctor’s clearance.

We will design a cardiovascular and strength training program for you that will help you shed those extra pounds or help you stay in shape while going through your pregnancy. We will give you advice on nutrition, focusing on the foods your body needs whether you’re nursing or not.

Being a mom is a blessing and you don’t have to go through the struggles alone. We are here to help you restore your confidence and help you get Fit for Life!

Post Partum Exercise Program

25 Sessions

This is a 3-month program training 2x a week. Sessions are 30-minutes.

  • After the 3 month program, regular personal training rates will apply.
    If you have questions about our Post Partum Exercise Program, give us a call: (507) 333-5430 or (507) 330-3996