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A wellness coach is a certified, trained professional who works one on one with clients to help them find ways to pursue a healthier lifestyle. It is not the same as having a personal trainer, since exercise is not always the behavior change that needs to occur.

Wellness coaches encourage clients to change aspects of their lives that are most unhealthy which could include, but is not limited to changing dietary habits, getting more exercise, increasing energy, time management or quitting smoking. A good coach won’t simply tell clients which behaviors they need to drop or engage in.

They work with a client to figure out how their present life contributes to those behaviors, and what can be done to make behavior change easier.

Fit for Life Certified Wellness Coaches

Certified Wellness Coaches

What happens at a Wellness Coach session?

[pullquote]Wellness coaching with Sheila has been life-changing for me. Sheila facilitates a nonjudgmental process in which I continually examine my dreams and desires for a better quality life and turn those dreams and desires into action through weekly goals. It allows me to evaluate where I am and set a new direction for improvement. The process keeps me focused and on track, always moving toward a better quality life. Sheila’s expertise and warm, welcoming, positive and encouraging style motivate me to want more for myself. I would recommend this to anyone seeking to improve any area of their life!   -Colleen Mertesdorf [/pullquote]The process of the coaching session is based entirely on the goal that you are interested in setting. The Wellness Coach’s priority is to facilitate a discussion to understand the reason that you chose to come to the session, the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving a desired goal, and mapping out a plan to be able to achieve that goal in a healthy way. A Wellness Coach may ask you to explain your goals, discuss different areas of your life to develop “the big picture”, and will guide the conversation to set goals around the desired health changes.

Who needs a Wellness Coach?

Everyone, no matter their current health status, has the desire to feel happy with their body, to have the energy to perform daily tasks and hobbies, and to enjoy an overall feeling of well?being and happiness. Having a partner on the journey to being healthy and well can provide a system of support and advice where needed.

What brings clients to Wellness Coaching?

People choose to work with a Wellness Coach for a variety of reasons. This may include:

  1. Quick fixes don’t seem to have a lasting affect and you get to the point where YOU want to be in control of your own wellness process. 
  2. Wellness is more than just losing weight and the mental and physical process can be a lot easier with someone on your team.
  3. Confidence in being able to reach your health goals can be intimidating and working with a coach to set realistic, achievable goals can help you be successful long-term.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Book the appointment. That’s about it! Wellness Coaching is not a scripted process
with a pre?determined outcome. Each conversation is different and the only thing you
need to do as a client is prepare to be willing to talk honestly about the obstacles in your
life that are keeping you from achieving your health and wellness goals. In addition, if
you come prepared with a goal in mind, the conversation will be much more productive.

What coaching is not?

A Wellness Coach is not your health professional or a trained therapist. There are
certain situations where the needs of an individual cannot be met by a Wellness Coach
and, in that case, you may be directed to a trained medical doctor or a therapist. Many
times, in those cases, you can have sessions with a Wellness Coach to work on the goal
setting process around the advice given by your doctor. (i.e. if your doctor prescribes
that you lose a certain amount of weight but you are not sure how to do that, a
Wellness Coach can work with you to set goals around that process).

How many sessions are necessary?

The most effective number of sessions will completely depend on the goal that is set
and the individual. Things like life circumstance, time, motivation, etc. may affect the
process. It’s completely up to YOU!

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